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Hard water is hard on your home

When your home uses hard, unconditioned water, undesirable elements (calcium, magnesium, chlorine, and others) enter from municipal water supplies. They take a toll on your plumbing, appliances, linens, glassware and more. And that takes a toll on your wallet. The solution is the Aqueous Pro Water softener . By supplying conditioned water throughout your home, it lets you enjoy the rich rewards of quality water.

The tell-tale signs

You can taste, see and feel the evidence of unconditioned water in your home:

  • Scratchy towels
  • Stiff bed linens and clothes
  • Fabrics that break down prematurely
  • Chlorine tastes in tap water
  • Soaps, shampoos and detergents that lather poorly and rinse slowly
  • Cloudy, spotted glassware that even the best dishwasher can’t fix
  • Mineral deposits on bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures
  • Hard-to-remove stains in sinks and toilets

The hidden costs

It’s the evidence you don’t see that costs the most. Unconditioned water degrades your home’s plumbing, and robs you in other, less obvious ways:

  • Undesirable mineral build-up inside the water heater shortens its life and decreases energy efficiency*
  • Mineral build-up also negatively affects other water-using home appliances*
  • More money is spent on soaps, shampoos and cleaning products
  • Extra time is spent cleaning bathroom and kitchen fixtures, tile and sinks
Aqueous Pro
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The AQUEOUS PRO system will make your life at home a lot nicer.

  • Will help save energy by eliminating scale build-up in appliances, they last longer.
  • Save on detergents and laundry additives.  Clothes last longer, are cleaner & brighter.
  • Housework easier:  no streaks and spotting left on sinks, tubs, fixtures.
  • Food will look and taste better.
  • AQUEOUS PRO takes care of your skin and complexion.  By eliminating soap scum, your hair will be silky soft.  Shaving will become smooth and easy.
  • AQUEOUS PRO saves you money on shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, etc.
  •  The rewards of conditioned water Quality conditioned water enhances your home. life in ways both subtle and significant.
  •  Tap water tastes better.
  • Towels and sheets feel softer.
  •  Glassware gets a renewed sparkle.
  •  Tile shines, faucets gleam.
  •  Soaps and shampoos have richer lather and rinse completely clean.
  •  Detergents and cleaning agents perform better.
  •  Water-using appliances and the water heater last longer*
  •  Spend less on soaps, detergents and cleaning supplies… up to a 50% savings!**
  •  Showering leaves you with a fresh, clean feel.
  •  Machine washables rinse cleaner, feel softer and retain color longer.
  •  Dishes can be rinsed without costly drying agents.

Aqueous Pro System Features

  • Control Valve w/ microprocessor computer, gallon counter, flow meter & timer
  • Fully on demand Provides highest flow available
  •  Special custom programming
  • Soft water brining
  • Up-flow regeneration
  • High water efficiency
  • Low salt usage
  • Heavy duty conditioner tank
  • Heavy duty salt tank w/ salt plate: plate prevents salt bridging
  • Uniform Chlorine resistant resin
  • One moving part in valve
  • Full 1” distributor, valve and bypass
  • Ball valve bypass: no O-rings to cause leaks Non-corrosive materials
  • Averaging System (averages usage every hour and adjusts for guests water usage immediately) Easy programming Retains memory for 30 days in case of power failure
  • 3 Amps using less than $2.00/year in electricity Auto-recharge battery back-up operating Noryl X one-piece basketless distributor: avoids common disconnect seen in glued basket plastic distributors. Built 100 times stronger than regular plastic with Noryl X technology.
  • Optional Sizes: 32,000 / 48,000 / 64,000 grain capacity Certified & Approved Parts by NSF / WQA
  • Lifetime Warranty: Valve body, Conditioner tank, Salt Tank, Resin
  • 5 Yrs. Warranty: Internal Valve Parts

Vortech Tank option available for this unit. Click Here for more info