Stenner Hi Pressure Pump

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Stenner Hi Pressure 100 psi (6.9 bar) Single Head Adjustable Output Pump max 17 Gallons Per Day (64 lpd) 110 volt #2 Tube

3-point roller design assists in anti-siphon protection

  • Pump head requires no valves, allows for easy maintenance
  • Self-priming against maximum working pressure, foot valve not required
  • Pump does not lose prime or vapor lock
  • Pumps off-gassing solutions and can run dry
  • Output volume is not affected by back pressure
  • Injection check valve included with models rated 100 psi (6.9 bar) maximum
  • Easy to change pump tube; lubrication is not required
  • Pump tubes and pump heads interchange between models
  • Models (Santoprene® only) tested by Water Quality Association to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 61
  • Adjustable models (Santoprene® only) tested by ETL to conform to ANSI/NSF STD 50

Available in 3, 10, 17 and 30 gallons per day

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Chem-Tech Pulsafeeder Chemical Pump:

Diaphragm Chemical Metering Pump, Adjustable Output, 15.00 gpd Max. Flow, 100 psi, 115V AC

This compact, chemical resistant pump from CHEM-TECH provides dependable metering performance. Pump features an innovative degassing valve system that helps pump keep its prime even if the pump is run intermittently with long periods between runs. Unit even maintains its prime due to gas build up, and when metering difficult chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite. Chemical metering pump has fully adjustable output over its entire operating range, while the diaphragm design means you don’t have to change out peristaltic tubes. Suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications.

Chemical Tank

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Supplier: Clack Corp

Supplier Part #: G21424PN7C00

Solution Tank, 15 Gal. Nat. Poly 15 Gallon Natural Polyethylene Solution Tank

Also Available in 30 Gal.

Retention Tank (mixing tank)

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Clack Retention Tank 120 Gallon 24″ x 80″

Available in 120, 150, & 300 Gallons

Retention tank must accompany the chemical feed pump in order to work correctly.