Custom Series

Custom Series



  • Commercial grade high quality media tank
  • Control valve w/ computer microprocessor w/ gallon counter flow meter & timer
  • Highest quality and most advance valve in the
  • Up-flow regeneration with soft water brining saves salt and water
  • One moving part in control valve (the less moving parts the less chance of breakdown)
  • Fully on demand: Only regenerates when it is necessary
  • Daily averaging program – adjusts for your guests and extra water usage
  • Uniform Chlorine Resistant Resin lasts longer
  • 1” distributor, valve and bypass for high pressure
  • Ball valve bypass, no o-rings to cause leaks
  • Bypass feature which could turn the whole house and the softener off by turning one valve 45 degrees.
  • Two separate tanks (Non-cabinet model)
  • Easy salt replacement due to separate salt tank
  • Salt Plate: avoids mixing of water and salt which creates a salt bridge
  • Battery back-up operator; keeps all information intact in case of power failure
  • 48,000 grain capacity is good for a family of up to 8.
  • Noryl basketless distributor (10 times stronger than any plastic used in regular water softener) avoids breakdown of distributor which can cause resin to enter the home plumbing causing costly repair
  • Humidity controlled Resin tank jacket with cap
  • Uses less than $2.00 in electricity annually.
32,000 Grain
48,000 Grain
60,000 Grain
90,000 Grain
Best Water Softener for San Antonio TX

Twin Tank Option

Unlike a single tank water softener, a twin tank system allows for continuous soft water 24/7. Each Water Conditioner is designed to specifically address the water quality issues that are unique to your home providing your family with outstanding water. Your investment will reward you with quality water at every faucet in your home.

Available Sizes: 32,000 / 48,000 / 64,000 / 94,000 / 120,000 grain capacity

Vortech Tank option available for this unit. Click Here for more info