Best Water Softener for San Antonio TX



– 4-stage system body with Cartridge Attachment Manifolds (CAM).
– 4 quick-change filters.
– Complete installation accessories: NSF certified color-coded tubings and quick connect fittings, and universal shut-off valve adapter.
– NSF certified modern style RO faucet with faucet wrench included.
– NSF certified 3.2 Gal storage tank.Installation manual with scannable QR codes that will walk you through the entire installation steps in detail.
– 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Experience the highest quality and easiest to install, operate, and maintain RO water filtration system available in the industry.
  • The quick twist filters and Catridge Attachment Manifold (CAM) design provide frustration-free water filter change and maintenance.
  • System includes modern style 100% lead-free faucet in brushed nickel finish
  • Color coded tubings and premium quick connect fittings are certified by NSF as food-grade to provide safe, non-contaminated drinking water.
  • NSF certified premium 3.2 gallon metal RO water storage tank.
  • Industry’s first easy to follow installation manual with scannable video links that will walk you through the entire installation process.


This reverse osmosis (RO) water unit is designed for large output which is suitable for a family up to 6 members. The equipped RO membrane can produce up to 100 gallons/day† which can provide you plentiful of drinkable, purified water at your command. All our Metpure Versatile systems are low in profile and takes up little space versus a traditional slimline system, moreover, the system can be easily installed, operated, and maintained. The best part of this system is changing water filters because it is fool-proof and frustration free (if you can turn a bottle cap, you can change filters). This large output system is an ideal system to provide you cost-saving alternative to crystal clear purified drinking water for every member of your family.


Filter Stages:
Stage 1: Polypropylene Sediment (R-RED) – Removes large particles such as sediment, sand, silt, dirt, and rust (Lifespan: 6 months).
Stage 2: Extruded Carbon Filter Composite (O-ORANGE) – The first composite half, carbon block, removes chlorine, taste, odor, and organic chemicals, and the composite second half polypropylene sediment acts as a control stage to eliminate any carbon residual from entering the next stage of reverse osmosis membrane, thus prolonging the life and efficiency of the membrane. (Lifespan 6 months)
Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane (L-Lime) at 100 gallons per day (GPD)* – The heart and the workhorse of the water filtration system powered by Dow Filmtec™ membrane material, with its pore rating at 0.0001 micron, that rejects up to 99% of impurities, essentially allows only pure water to be filtered through.
Stage 4: Post-GAC (B-Blue) – The final stage of the system consists of granulated coconut shell carbon which acts as a taste and odor reduction before the water reaches your glass. Its polishing and taste refinement properties will make sure your glass of water is always filled with refreshing, crisp, and invigorating taste.

*Per controlled lab result.