PuroTec H2O

One and Only Triple Media Water Treatment System

Removes Fluoride / Reduces slippery, soft water feeling


Why Pay More For Less? Invest in your health. Your family deserves the best and the PuroTec H2O delivers quality you can rely on!

Finally, the first and most unique system with triple media in the industry which is unmatched by any other system in the market today.  Providing soft water as well as the highest quality drinking water throughout the house without the costly replacement of expensive filters, ensuring the most pleasant and safe water, all while reducing the slippery feeling of soft water.

PuroTec H2O
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PuroTec Internal

How does the PuroTec H2O compare to other systems in the market ?


Features PuroTec H20 Brand C Brand K Brand E Brand G Brand P
Total House Softener & Purification Yes No No No No No
Total House Fluoride Removal Yes No No No No No
Slippery Water Reduction Yes No No No No No
Uniform Chlorine Resistant Resin Yes No No No No No
Up-flow regeneration Yes No No Yes No No
Total House Contamination Removal Yes No No No No No
Filter Replacement No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Averaging System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Back-up Operation Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Brine Tank Salt Plate Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Salt & water efficiency Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basketless Distributor Yes No No No No No
Best Quality & Taste Yes No No No No No

All filters are in compliance with California health and safety codes

Inhibits the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms to safety levels by reduction or removal.


  • Fully on demand with gallon counter, flow meter, timer & microprocessor
  • Heavy duty commercial media tank Only Regenerates when necessary
  • Uniform Chlorine Resistant Resin
  • Noryl X one-piece basketless distributor: avoids common disconnect seen in glued basket plastic distributors. Built 100 times stronger than regular plastic with Noryl X technology.
  • Up-flow regeneration with soft water brining saving salt & water (most successful and proven method in the industry)
  • Smart Averaging system (averaging water usage daily and adjusts the reserve capacity for your guests or extra water usage)
  • Auto recharge battery backup operating: stores memory for 30 days in case of power failure Valve with one moving part (less chance of breakdown)
  • High water flow
  • Salt grid to avoid bridging
  • Built-in diagnostic program
  • 50% more salt & water efficiency
  • Low energy consumption (uses less than $2 in electricity per year)
  • Humidity Controlled Jacket


  • Resin
  • Conditioner Tank
  • Salt Tank
  • Filters
  • Circuit Board


Chromium 6 Chromate Nitrate Arsenate Uranium Sulfates Bi-Carbonate
Selenium Fluoride Chlorine Taste/Odors Perchlorate Lead Mercury
Iron Hydrogen Sulfide Heavy Metal Copper Algae Fungi Nickel
Calcium Magnesium Bacteria And Many More…


All parts are certified and registered with NSF 42, 44 & 62, ANSI 42 and WQA

Water Softener Company San Antonio
Water Softener Company San Antonio
Water Softener Company San Antonio

Vortech Tank option available for this unit. Click Here for more info